Sweet Seats Chair Covers also has expanded our services into providing wedding pipe drape. This is another way of elevating your event to the next level. If you have an ordinary room or the room has unsightly flaws we can make the flaws disappear behind the drapery. We offer white flame retardant sheer voile fabric as our basic fabric but can bring in any color necessary to compliment your theme or vision. We would be happy to do ceiling drapery with chandeliers and string lights to provide subtle lighting and ambiance to the overall room. The ceiling draping can also lower and soften the look of a tall hallway or ballroom ceiling. Adding professional lighting will also accent and transform the room. Our professional up lighting can be formatted to provide any specific color needed to compliment your room and highlight focal points like your head table or entrances, and special features of the room, or the drapery itself. We also do ceremony draping and canopies/chuppahs for your ceremony. We can customize and place a chandelier in the middle which is absolutely charming. Let us know what your vision is for your event.