Wedding drapery,chiavari chairs, farm tables and linens/ table overlays.  

Wedding rentals in Traverse City and Northern Michigan

Sweet Seats is a wedding rental company based in Traverse City Michigan. We provide professional service and excellent rental products. We would love to give you information on our product and services. We hope this helps you in your planning process.

Wedding drapery rental is the new game changer in event decor. Wedding drapery is also referred to as pipe and drape. It is a necessary tool for bride or groom or event planners who would like to transform a venue. If you do not like the color of the walls or perhaps there is decor that is unsightly for instance paneling, no worries. Drapery can change a space so that you will not even recognize it as the same venue.

There are several options with wedding drapery. The starting point is using simple straight wedding drapery. That is what is used to cover the walls, unsightly doorways, divider walls, and windows etc. If you are considering draping all the walls when your finished you should NOT be able to see through the drape. What is the point of draping the room if you can see all the unsightly elements through the drape? It is recommended that you check out your professional draper to make sure they have a drape or system that is not see though. We promise you that you will not see through our drapery. We can guarantee that. Straight wedding drapery is the type of drapery that goes the distance and is usually priced by the foot. Once you have draped the walls of the venue your not quite finished. Up lighting the drapery is strongly encouraged. Up lighting adds the finishing touches to the drape. Some walls with out drapery will not accept up lighting very well. The light is absorbed into the walls because of the paint color, or the walls are too textured for instance brick walls and paneling do not accept up lighting very well. Draping and then professionally up lighting the drapery makes the room glow in the complimentary color you choose. It is also impressive to up light specific features of the drapery if you have some special elements that you would like to be noticed. Drapery and up lighting go hand in hand.

Ceiling drapery is also another element in the drapery family that can be incorporated into your venue. Ceiling drapery will soften any ceiling and will also lower some extremely tall ceilings. If you have a venue that has a beautiful ceiling that you may want your guests to notice you may want to add a few drapery touches to bring your eye up to that beautiful ceiling. We do not have to cover the whole ceiling we can just add some drapery touches and lighting that will enhance the beauty that is already present. There are also those venues at the opposite end of the spectrum, a venue ceiling that has only can lighting or has boring florescent lighting. We can add several of our beautiful crystal chandeliers and bring in some shine and twinkle on the ceiling. Lighting again can be a huge factor in the ceiling drapery it can again change the look of the room. So ceiling drapery is only a portion of the transformation, professional up lighting is the other element.

Custom backdrop or entrance drapery is drapery on a smaller scale. It also can have a large impact in the room. You may want your guests to enter through a grand entrance. If you want your guests to feel they are walking into a very special event, wedding drapery on all the entrances will create that special feeling. There are unlimited options on entrance drapery.

When you enter a room a custom backdrop will be grand and create a focal point in the room. It is usually used for a beautiful ceremony or placed behind the head table and sometimes behind the cake table as well. The custom backdrop will have a dramatic look because we use twice the fabric. The sky is the limit on what can be done with custom backdrops. We can use beads, swags, colored fabric the choices are endless. We carry drapery in white and ivory. Your only limit is your imagination.

Sweet Seats also rents rustic New England farm tables. Our farm tables are the preferred tables in Northern Michigan. We service several rustic weddings in barns and venues. Our tables have the perfect balance of rustic and elegance. The tables were made by a master craftsman with over 35 years of experience. The character in the wood is like no other. The tables are made of all Michigan hardwoods. The farm tables also have a beautiful professional finish. The farm tables are forty (40) inches wide and eight (8) feet long. The width is perfect for family style dinners and also great for decorations down the center without infringing on your guests space during dinner. The farm tables will seat 10 guests comfortably. They are great conversation pieces for guests who do not know each other. The tables are the topic of conversation and give guests something to break the ice with. We have received over overwhelmingly positive comments on the tables. Many of our customers have asked for a table to be built for their home. That is the greatest compliment anyone can give us. They are not your usual rental items. Our customers are shocked we offer such a nice product as a rental item. We encourage you to personally see the tables you are considering, some times the photos can be deceiving and do not give you all the information you need. Our farm tables are strong and sturdy and weigh over 120 pounds each. They are not the typical work bench style farm tables. Other tables will wobble and have crooked legs when assembled. You will not have any unfortunate accidents with our farm tables.

Chiavari Chairs are considered the classic wedding chair. The chiavari chairs are recognizable by their ladder back style with the short vertical spindles at the top of the back. Weather you choose the warmth of the gold chiavari chair, or the cool modern appeal of the silver chiavari chair, or the more traditional mahogany chiavari chair. They will add to the simplicity and classic elegance of any special event. Our chiavari chairs are made of wood just like the original chiavari chairs. We have seen the plastic molded chiavari chairs and they are just not the same. So for the same price wouldn't you rather rent the real thing? We take great care with our chairs we always cover each individual chair during transport so they stay in perfect condition. If you have reserved our farm tables already and looking for a great elegant wooden chair to pair with our farm tables we prefer to pair our walnut chairs with our farm tables. The walnut chiavari chairs have a satin finish with patina. The spindles and knobs on the walnut chiavari chairs are where you will see the patina be a little lighter adding a little more rustic look. Our chairs also come with your choice of cushions. We carry white, ivory and also black. The cushions are always pristine and with out stains like other cushions. Sweet Seats also provided full service with our chairs we do not just drop them curb side like other companies. We deliver, set up and tear down for a small fee.

Sweet Seats chair covers and linens will bring your room alive with elegance at an affordable price. Our chair covers are all custom made to fit the exact chair you are covering. We do not believe that all chair covers fit all banquet chairs. We have several sizes of chair covers to fit your chair perfectly. We also own over 50 different sash colors. We carry sashes in thick bridal satin and mirror organza. The mirror organza shines in the light like liquid. It is not an inexpensive organza. We also offer full length linens and a variety of overlays. The overlays come in several textures and styles. All of our linens and chair covers are inspected and hand pressed prior to your event.